"When I made the decision to see a Chiropractor I had no idea the impact that it would make on my life. I am a vegan, I exercise six days a week and I live an organic life, however, something was missing. I chose Dr. Troy because, as his business states, he believes in Living Well. I have pretty gnarly scoliosis and Dr. Troy has helped to improve it. I am now very aware of my posture and have significantly less neck issues. I am very happy with Dr. Troy and his staff, I have referred my husband and three friends. Thank you!"

- Sarah

"Prior to seeing Dr. Troy, I was experiencing rotator cuff issues, a stiff neck with tingling in my hand as well as plantar fasciitis and pain in my lower back. I had been to see an orthopedist and was taking pain medication to treat my symptoms and was getting injections in my feet. Since starting chiropractic, I have been able to discontinue the use of prescriptions and over the counter medications for pain. I feel more relaxed, and I have become more in tune with my aches and pains. I have been able to stay out of surgery, and my blood pressure has lowered as well."

- Debby

"When I began with Dr. Troy Willis last March, I was bent over and could not straighten up, taking pain meds every day, and using a cane quite a bit. I was going to another chiropractor, and the pain then would go away only for a couple of hours. I bless the day that I found Dr. Willis. He manipulated my spine, and patiently helped me improve. I now walk upright, and rarely take pain meds. [Dr. Willis] advises and reminds me, and takes such a kind and uplifting interest in his patients. I am so much better now! Dr. Willis treats your entire being!"

- Sue