what do we offer?

We’re not your typical chiropractic office! We offer a huge range of services that all work together to improve your health.



WHY CHIROPRACTIC? - Click here to learn why chiropractic care ensures your body is functioning at its highest potential

LASER THERAPY - What makes this device so effective is that it treats the source of the pain, not just the symptoms.



NUTRITION CONSULTS - We offer a variety of Nutrition Consults. Click here to read about our different packages.

FOOD SENSITIVITY TEST - Unknown food sensitivities are often the underlying problem for almost every health condition that we see. This test uncovers which foods might be causing inflammation and disease.

REFRESH 30 - Refresh 30 is a 30 day detox program to rid our bodies of toxins to jumpstart fat loss.

RESET60 - The ultimate 60 day detox program. Includes the FIT test, Sauna Pod, Vege Cleanse, and Vmax.



INFRARED SAUNA POD - Great for reducing stress, burning calories, improving skin, removing toxins, and pain relief. Click to read more!

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE - Whether you’re seeking relaxation, pain relief, or you’d like to loosen your muscles before a chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy is a powerful tool!

JADE INFRARED THERASAGE - Known to relieve stress and tension, improve blood circulation and promote a deep and restful sleep.

AQUA MASSAGE - A great way to achieve some of the benefits of massage and other healing therapies without the inconvenience of getting undressed.

VIBRATION THERAPY - Vibration Training is one of the hottest health and fitness innovations. They are being used by top medical facilities, universities, fitness trainers, elite training instructors and professional sports teams!