What is Refresh 30?

Refresh 30 is a 30 day detox program created by Dr. Troy to refresh our health and rid our bodies of toxins. From the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, to the products we use, toxins are all around us. Where are toxins stored? Our fat cells. Our bodies guard toxins in fat cells as a means to protect against those harmful compounds circulating in our blood. Because of this, a plateau in weight loss can easily occur! A detox is the process to safely and effectively eliminate toxins to jump start fat loss. Refresh 30 includes these services below:


Vege Cleanse

Received at your Initial Exam, the Vege Cleanse Kit is a highly effective detoxification formula. It comes with shakes and a booklet that explains the process to you and provides meal ideas.



Each exam will serve as a checkpoint to track progress and motivate you to cross the finish line. Includes BMI and measurements to see how your body is changing.


Fit in Five

Dr. Troy’s secret weapon! A five-minute total body workout - using only body weight.


Food Journal

Track your eating throughout the program to see the changes you’re making and hold yourself accountable.


Infrared Sauna Pod

30 mins once a week, using infrared heat with LED light therapy will help to speed the detoxification process and assist with Vitamin D production.


Vibration Therapy

10-min sessions twice a week will help increase muscle tone, assist in lymph drainage, and burn calories.

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