"When I made the decision to see a Chiropractor I had no idea the impact that it would make on my life. I am a vegan, I exercise six days a week and I live an organic life, however, something was missing. I chose Dr. Troy because, as his business states, he believes in Living Well. I have pretty gnarly scoliosis and Dr. Troy has helped to improve it. I am now very aware of my posture and have significantly less neck issues. I am very happy with Dr. Troy and his staff, I have referred my husband and three friends. Thank you!"

- Sarah B.

"When I began with Dr. Troy Willis last March, I was bent over and could not straighten up, taking pain meds every day, and using a cane quite a bit. I was going to another chiropractor, and the pain then would go away only for a couple of hours. I bless the day that I found Dr. Willis. He manipulated my spine, and patiently helped me improve. I now walk upright, and rarely take pain meds. [Dr. Willis] advises and reminds me, and takes such a kind and uplifting interest in his patients. I am so much better now! Dr. Willis treats your entire being!"

- Sue O.

I began to notice the pain in July 2012, but have had issues for years.  I had a burning, aching pain in my shoulder/back for a long time.  My shoulder/back area would tingle and go numb.  It would throb and burn, and eventually cause a headache.  On a 1-10 pain scale, I was running about an 8 or 9 all the time.

I went to a bone and joint specialist who told me it was the ergonomics of my desk at my office and sent me to physical therapy.  Prior to PT, my pain was about 5-6.  After PT, it elevated to 8-9.  The PT actually made my symptoms worse.  The bone and joint specialist then gave me a cortisone injection in my back, which did absolutely nothing.  They then wanted to send me for epidural injections in my neck.  I was not going to do this, as these injections would not fix the problem, but only mask the pain.  So after nearly $2000 in doctor bills I decided to seek out Dr. Troy at his new practice.  I had seen him before when he was at The Spine Center.

Since seeing Dr. Troy, my health has improved immensely.  I am still taking Aleve once in a while, but not on a regular basis.  I was taking 2 every day, now I may take one a week, if that.  Now, my pain level is now about 3-4 and my stomach isn’t upset from the Aleve.

Chiropractic care has had a tremendous impact on my lifestyle.  It has improved beyond words.  I am no longer in unbearable pain so I am able to focus at work, I am not grumpy at home, I am sleeping better…Just all around great improvement in only 3 weeks!  Dr. Troy seems to genuinely care about my well-being and wants to get me better.  Most doctors see you as a dollar sign and don’t seem to care whether you are better or not.

If you are having pain and are weighing your options, go to a chiropractor first.  I wish I had.  I spent months in pain, and a lot of money for absolutely nothing.

I thank you, Dr. Troy, for relieving my pain.

-Freeda H.

Before I came to see Dr. Troy, my pain was constant and burning in one spot causing discomfort that worsened with different movements.  I had been receiving shots in my back that helped for a while, but the results were only temporary.  After only 3 Laser treatments, I am amazed at how much my mobility has improved!  I’ve been seeing Dr. Troy for many years, and his care has had the greatest impact on my life and lifestyle.  I really enjoy coming to the office; I am always greeted with friendly, smiling faces and receive such a warm welcome.  They pay attention to my needs and concerns, and create a personal atmosphere.   If you want the best results, see Dr. Troy!

-Ruth R.

"Prior to seeing Dr. Troy, I was experiencing rotator cuff issues, a stiff neck with tingling in my hand as well as plantar fasciitis and pain in my lower back. I had been to see an orthopedist and was taking pain medication to treat my symptoms and was getting injections in my feet. Since starting chiropractic, I have been able to discontinue the use of prescriptions and over the counter medications for pain. I feel more relaxed, and I have become more in tune with my aches and pains. I have been able to stay out of surgery, and my blood pressure has lowered as well."

- Debby M.

For 2 ½ to 3 years I have suffered with sciatica. The sharp stabbing pain goes from my hips, to buttocks, down my left leg, all the way to the bottom of my foot, and has been so severe that I have been seeing a pain management doctor ever since. I have seen approximately 5 doctors total; a chiropractor, 2 pain management doctors, and some primary care physicians.  I take 2 types of medication 3 times a day and receive an epidural in my spine every 3 months—usually only with temporary results.!  The severity of the pain has caused me to average between 2-3 hours of sleep a night, collectively—not all at once!

After my first visit with Dr. Willis, I immediately stopped using all medications.  Now I will only take something occasionally, and at a fraction of the dosage I was taking before!

Since becoming a patient at Live Well, my energy has doubled. I’ve had a dramatic increase in quality of life, and my positive attitude has returned. I am sleeping better—6-8 hours a night!!!  The pain in my neck, back, and leg is virtually gone. I can walk again! I am able to complete tasks and am hopeful again. Because of Dr. Willis and chiropractic, I feel like I can finally achieve my goal of walking the Appalachian Trail!

The best thing about being a patient at Live Well, is that Dr. Willis cares; his staff cares! They are all absolutely wonderful. Not at all like the visits at the Pain Management Doctor, where everyone is completely judgmental and condescending.  Dr. Willis was honest and upfront in telling my me that if he couldn’t help me, he wouldn’t treat me. If he cannot help you, he will not waste your time OR exhaust your finances. He genuinely cares and is VERY knowledgeable. He helps you understand, instead of treating you like you’re on a conveyor belt. It was an eye-opening experience in teaching my husband and me about pain management, and made us realize that some doctors are more interested in helping their pockets than helping their patients! Some would prefer to just throw pills at your problems, rather than help you get well.

It’s great to “Live Well” finally and to say, “I don’t have to take the virtual abuse anymore!” I know coming here is helping, and without hurting something else.

If you are considering chiropractic care, you won’t regret it. I haven’t stopped telling anyone, and everyone about Dr. Willis and the care I have received. I tell everyone about the damage caused by pain medication, and that if they truly want to get well and receive quality care, chiropractic is the way to go. It is the best decision I have ever made, and Dr. Willis is the best in his business. Of the 5 doctors I have seen for my condition, he is the only one who has made a positive impact. If my story helps even one person, it will have been worth it. I will do all I can to help anyone in my place!

For 3 years I have suffered not only from the pain, but also with the depression and mood disorders that come with taking an unbelievably high dosage of narcotics on a day to day basis. Rarely did a day go by that I didn’t break down and cry over my pain and loss of quality of life. I am so incredibly thankful to Dr. Willis for giving me my life back that words aren’t enough, but I can tell you that I have wasted 2 ½ years of my life sitting on my couch because doctors practice “medicine” far more often than they should. With Dr. Willis and “LIVE WELL”, I am finally doing just that! Coming to Dr. Willis for chiropractic treatment has truly changed my life, and quality of life. Best decision I ever made! I cannot thank them enough!

-Valerie W.

Before seeking treatment at Live Well, I had been having intense pain for several days.  I woke up one morning with an electric-like pain radiating down my right leg, and was experiencing an especially intense pain in my right buttock.  I began taking some OTC pain relievers, but when the pain had not subsided after a couple of days, I decided to heed a friend’s advice and make an appointment with Dr. Troy.

I am an active person, and my job requires me to be mobile and pain free.  Once I began seeing Dr. Troy, I was able to stop taking pain relievers, and have been able to resume my normal day-to-day activities.

The best thing about going to Dr. Troy’s office is that he is always friendly, and Kristin is very helpful and pleasant when patients arrive.  Working in an environment with doctors, I’ve found that they can be very intense and not seem to have time for you.  However, Dr. Troy is always ready to listen to me, and answers all my questions.

I have already told lots of people about the great care I’ve received at Live Well; in fact, one of MY patients is now a patient of Dr. Troy!  Treating with Dr. Troy has been my first experience with chiropractic, but I already feel like the knowledge I have gained about the mechanics of my body has given me the tools needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle—and more importantly, maintain that lifestyle.

-Teresa B.

Prior to seeing Dr. Willis, I was experiencing severe pain and numbness in my left arm and shoulder—all radiating from the left side of my upper back.  I had attempted to find relief on my own in the form of pain relievers, ice, and Biofreeze, but they were no help.  I suffered through this pain for several unbearable weeks, and finally gave in when a coworker suggested I pay Dr. Troy a visit. 

Other medical professionals I consulted with wanted to throw me right into surgery, but the difference Dr. Willis made in just a few visits made that idea laughable!  Because of chiropractic care, my flexibility and mobility have increased dramatically.  I am no longer in pain and can elevate my head and neck completely.  At present, I’m not even taking so much as an aspirin! 

Chiropractic has made a huge impact on my life, I am totally aware of my posture—how I sit, sleep, walk, and of course, how I am eating and working.  The best thing about coming to the office is the honest, genuine care I receive from Dr. Willis.  I always leave feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally!  Kristin is a jewel.  She is always pleasant greeting me and arranging my appointments.  I am glad to be well, but enjoy coming to this office! If you are considering chiropractic care, do it! 

THIS place—Dr. Willis—is the BEST!

-Steve S.

Dr. Troy was recommended to me by several friends. I have degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis in L3, L4 and L5 of my spine. My symptoms started a daily battle in my early thirties. Years of retail, restaurant and bar work had finally caught up to my back.

I had always been terrified of chiropractors. At this point I was approaching 40, taking vicodin on a regular basis and desperately trying to avoid surgery. As a last ditch effort, I consulted with my orthopedic surgeon about chiropractic care. His response was "Look, nothing you can do is going to mess up your back any more than it already is - I don't want to seriously consider surgery at least until you are 50 years old."

With my Doctor's approval, I set up a visit with Dr. Troy that next week. My first month, I went twice a week, with a goal of twice a month for maintenance. That was 5 years ago and I have never looked back.

Dr. Troy does more than adjustments - He offers sleep, dietary and exercise recommendations. He fitted me with a lift for my left shoe to completely balance my hips - which has made a tremendous improvement in my spine alignment and back pain. Dr. Troy's suggestions of ice therapy and dietary modifications to reduce inflammation in the joints and body tissues have practically eliminated my need for narcotic pain medication.

The difference between Dr. Troy Willis and other chiropractors is that he is on this health journey WITH you. He too struggles with his own health issues, which drives him to constantly research the latest methods, equipment and supplements to enhance your quality of life. If you keep an open mind, you will experience life changing results. Dr. Troy genuinely wants you to Live Well, naturally.

-Stacy T.

I’ve been going to Dr.Troy for many years. He’s kind and thorough. He cares about what is bothering you and gets to the cause. Instant relief from headaches, thoracic outlet syndrome, chronic shoulder pain,
ribs out of place, hips and spine out of alignment, neck pain,etc. chiropractic care is THE primary care to restore health of organs, tissues, joints, and general well being.
And besides all of his wonderfulness his staff is friendly and his office is modern, light and airy. I can’t say enough kudos about Dr. Troy!

-Margo T.

We love Dr. Troy! I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Troy and Live Well. They truly care about our health and wellbeing and listen to our concerns.

-Rebretta V.

You do a super job and I can trust your judgment and recommendations. Thank you. See you soon.

-Jane H.

I have seen Dr. Troy on and off for over 13 years. He has kept me from back and neck surgery during this time. He gives great advice and if he doesn't know what is going on in my body, he does not hesitate to refer me to a PT or Doctor. He always listens and will always try to figure out new problems and concerns.

-Gail M

Love coming to Live Well! Kristin works miracles with scheduling appointments, and Dr. Troy is the only chiropractor that I trust! Thank you for always taking such good care of me and my health!

-Deanna O.

Completely Satisfied! I look forward to my office visits!

-Jason V.