What is an Infrared Sauna Pod?

The Infrared Sauna includes an enclosed bed that uses a range of different invisible infrared wavelengths using LED light. Without heating up the space around you like a normal sauna, the infrared sauna raises your internal body temperature and works alongside different wavelengths of LED light. The combination of heat and LED light provide numerous benefits to your health, skin, and mind.



The infrared heat from this sauna, like any other sauna, makes you sweat. However it does so at a lower temperature, allowing your time in the sauna to be longer and more comfortable. This allows for the release of more unwanted toxins, the burning of more calories (up to 600 in a half hour), and the increase in white blood cells to fight off common illnesses faster.

Additionally, the LED lights provide a source of Vitamin D that promotes healthy immune and cardiovascular systems.



As most know, Vitamin D is essential for healthy skin, making the infrared sauna a great way to improve skin tone and texture as well. At certain wavelengths, the LED light increases the production of collagen, a protein that provides the skin with strength and elasticity, which can show different results:

·         Red LED light: reduction in wrinkles, scars and large pores

·         Blue LED light: reduction in oiliness, and boosts skin recovery

·         Green LED light: protects from and reduces skin pigment damage and discoloration



By increasing blood flow and circulation to lower blood pressure, the heat from the infrared sauna has a relaxing effect. This can sooth tight muscles and relieve pressure on joints allowing your body to release tension and your mind to relax. In a 15-20 minute session a week in the sauna, you can relieve stress and pain and find a new definition of “good sleep”.

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