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Why AQUA MAssage?

Our Hydrotherapy table is a wonderful way to achieve some of the benefits of massage and other healing therapies without the inconvenience of getting undressed.  The person lies back, completely clothed, on the table. Just under the surface is a mattress filled with heated water. Water is propelled toward the patient through three soothing hydro-jets. A primary wave and a lighter secondary wave combine to produce an effective massage to all areas of the spine simultaneously.  In our office we have a relaxing setting with dim lights and music to de-stress in a convenient time frame. 


The major physiologic effects of hydrotherapy can be summarized as follows:

• Increases circulation and metabolic rates

• Increases mobility

• Relaxes and relieves fatigue

• Promotes tissue healing and repair

• Relieves muscle spasms and pain

• Helps remove metabolic toxins

• Relaxes capillaries and other soft tissues

• Increases blood volume and oxygen consumption

• Relieves pain of myositis and neuralgia

• Soothes irritated cutaneous nerves

• Dilates blood vessels


A 30 minute Aqua Massage costs just $20. Call to schedule at (502) 409-9300, or click the link below to schedule online!