Dr. Troy Willis

Lifestyle Chiropractor


Dr. Troy knew he wanted to be a wellness physician when he was first exposed to Chiropractic while at St. Xavier High School.  It was there that he first came to understand that health comes from within and is dramatically affected by the way we treat our bodies and minds.

 Due to his personal struggle with digestive disease and the results he has been afforded through natural health efforts, he decided to dedicate his life to teaching others about the amazing healing potential of the body. Following undergraduate work at the University of Louisville, Dr. Troy attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia where he not only earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, he met his wonderful wife, Karen. Together they have three children who have grown up in the natural Chiropractic lifestyle with astounding results.

After eight years in practice, Dr. Willis opened Live Well Natural Health in June 2011. His goal: to better serve the Louisville community by providing more pieces of the total wellness puzzle, and encouraging people of all ages to eat, sleep, move and think WELL.

Kristin Fentress

Practice Administrator


Born and raised in Louisville, Kristin is a graduate of Ballard High School. Having spent many years working with children and in Customer Service, she was confident that helping people would be an essential part of her life.

After a significant amount of time "nursing" — pun intended — an obsession with the medical field, Kristin eagerly chose to attend ATA College where she graduated Summa cum Laude in May of 2011, earning a diploma in Medical Office Assisting.

Enter Live Well!

In June of 2011, when Live Well officially opened for business, Kristin was ecstatic to be standing at Dr. Troy's side. 

Still hungry for knowledge and determined to be the best at her job, Kristin immediately re-enrolled at ATA, and again graduated Summa cum Laude, this time with an Associate’s Degree in Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting.

A dedicated member of the Live Well team, Kristin knows the ins and outs of the office and takes pride in keeping things running smoothly. She rarely forgets a face, and knows nearly every patient by name. Most importantly, she is the smiling face that has all the answers—or at least knows how to find them!

When not at work, Kristin enjoys keeping her brain in shape by doing crosswords and other puzzles. She will squeal at any animal or baby that she comes across, and if granted cuddling privileges, her day will certainly be made!   :)

Olivia Ortega

Massage Therapist

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Born and raised in Southern Indiana, Olivia graduated from Louisville School of Massage in 2012. After completing massage therapy school, she worked at a chiropractic office, specializing in sports, deep tissue, and corrective massage. She especially loves working with clients who have experienced injuries and helping their bodies heal.

More recently, Olivia offered massage services in a spa setting. Though she enjoyed offering relaxing spa amenities, Olivia realized she has a heart for natural healing, health, and wellness. We absolutely love that with Olivia, our patients can experience both relaxation and intentional massages that focus on healing! She will be offering 1-hour massages at 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 every Tuesday and Thursday. Click here to read more about the benefits of a therapeutic massage.

Allie Thaxton

Marketing Coordinator


Allie is the Marketing Coordinator here at Live Well. You can catch her carrying around one of her many cameras and snapping photos at events (that she likely planned). Allie loves being artsy fartsy while sharing our story and creating a community that values health and wellness over on our social media.

Allie grew up in Central California playing competitive softball all year, every year. In college, when she gave up softball, Allie decided to try long distance running as a means to stay in shape. Even then, she knew that staying active was only a piece of the puzzle when it comes to health. At Fresno State, she majored in Food and Nutritional Sciences in pursuit of becoming a Registered Dietician. But somewhere along the line, Allie realized she had a unique passion and natural eye for creativity which led her to starting a photography business. Allie is excited that she finally gets to combine her two loves (health + creativity) every day here at Live Well.

Fun facts about Allie: she’s married to her Jr. High School Sweetheart, has two adorable malti-poo puppies, and can recite entire episodes of The Office on command. She loves to keep it real over on social media, but will also spend hours researching and creating content that encourages and inspires others along their natural health journey.